Friday, October 24, 2014

Manchester United

Dear People from the world ,

 Today you will look at a personal narrative that I wrote I hope you enjoy.


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 The day my dad took me to see the Manchester united I was so excited to go to the game .                                                                 

To see my favorite soccer team that was Manchester united.

The team that usually ever comes to Denver but this time they did and I was going to see         them play.                                                                                                                                             
The game was a friendly game that meant it was to see how the teams were doing this season so when I was at the stadium we were looking for our seat and we went to the end and we saw a spot that said club level that meant we were like VIP because you need special tickets to get in.
There was food and many places that were not in the rest of the stadium  so when we got to our seats the game just began the stadium was filled with people and all mostly cheering for Manchester united the other team that was playing was roma a team from Italy.

 The thing that made this team that made this team be an unfriendly game was that England  and Italy hate each other. the the game was entertaining but more on the minute 23 when Rooney scored after some minutes at the 30 minutes    five minutes later  another goal  we were winning at half time it was 3 zero  at  half time we got dippin dots  popcorn  hot dogs pizza soda nachos and a slushy.
When the second have started it was 3 0 but at the end they scored two but at the end the game the fans roaring  there was a penalty kick so toti took the kick and  it was  amiss the crowd went wild  “noooooo” is what he roma fans shouted.