Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cool Plants!!!!!!!!!

        Welcome awesome peeps today we will learn about plants and the importance of plants the questions are these  How do flowering plants reproduce?What is the purpose of a seed's covering?
 Where are flowering plants found?How do animals interact with flowering plants to help them reproduce? 
      So lets begin with this questions  How do flowering plants reproduce? Well seeds reproduce when a bird or an animal take the pollen  from  the stamina to the pistil of anther flower. How does this work? so say a honeybee was going to get nectar from a flower well to get pollen it brushes agents the anthers and gets pollinate the nectar is so tasty they go to anther flower to get more . on the next flower it leaves a little of pollen and the pollen goes into a pistil the the pollen travels down the pistil  and meets and ovule then fraternization happens with is when the male pollen the female ovule combine later the ovule grows into a seed .
      The next question is . What is the purpose of a seed's covering? The seed covering helps keep the seed safe if it did not have the coding we could probably loose some of our favored food. 
     Next Where are flowering plants found? flowering plants are found in the wild because some unicue  species of flowers live there. I'm thinking this because they would not sell flowers you see in everyday life. last of the question is  How do animals interact with flowering plants to help them reproduce? well like the hunny bee helps the flower get pollin into a sitil well other animals can do that to and by doing that the plants reproduce. 

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