Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Have brace had brace if you had then you will love smile it a girl that falls and brake her teeth the doctor says she needs to have braces after a while later  she gets them taken off will she ever get her normal teeth freed smile if your interested. I would recommend this book if you like any comics or just a funny book.

Friday, January 9, 2015

land ho

     dear dairy yesterday  was a tough night our crew member arian died we stole his stuff later we saw land and we met some indais that go by the name taino I spotted the land with my friend Michelle we got 500 dollars were rich. but we are in peace with the  natives and evan better news I found out that arian was betraining us I found a note in his poket from the king and queen from spain lastly I heard a vocie that sounded like arians it was saying  why did I die .
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Succesfull night

We all had a great night  but or crew member is growing parasite he has typhus  we make him stay away from us we hope he will get better . our recant member is now rid of dysentery. Im starting to worry im the only one healthy still. our crew members and us know that our ride is going smooth now one has died but arian is about to die . we need him healthy.  other than that it is smooth sailing.  our situation  are write but I have a theory that my crew member Arian  is betraying us. the reason im saying that is because he suggested that we take the offer and he keeps reminding us. My other crew member Michelle is trying to stop me from thinking .last night I saw a ship called Marie Lane I'm thinking to go follow them and try to take there ship .